Bulembu - the city on a hill

Bulembu is an old mining town on the boarder of Eswatini (Swaziland) and South Africa. It is owned and run by Bulembu Ministries Swaziland, which focuses its efforts in restoring hope, equipping lives and building families through Christ-centered community care and community enterprise. 

Believing that they are raising the next generation of Swazi leaders, Bulembu Ministries Swaziland is responsible for the wholistic care of the children and the entire town; everything from electricity to education.


bulembu Today


Bulembu supports the ongoing care of  over 350 orphaned and vulnerable children. The town provides focussed holistic care for each child in a home, through family-style houses. In this way, each child becomes a part of a caring family that will prepare them for a bright future filled with hope and to emerge as the leaders of tomorrow. These new families will be the thread that restores the social fabric of a nation on the verge of collapse due to the AIDS pandemic.


 The mission at Bulembu Christian Academy is to provide quality Christian education equipping the whole child to reach their full potential as Godly leaders at their own respective level. This is done through intentional input combined with personal example of the staff in order to equip the children of Bulembu to be critical thinkers, life-long learners and leaders of sound Christian character in Bulembu and across the nation. 


The Bulembu Clinic serves the surrounding areas of Ncenceni, Malanda and South African border personnel forms part of the broader community under our service coverage territory.

The clinic serves the needs of all in the community, including those in need of HIV and AIDS treatment.

Bulembu Enterprises

Essential Oils


Bulembu is in the process of transforming their lumber farm into a new innovative venture, the essential oils project. 

Water Bottling Plant


The Bulembu water bottling plant supplies the national market with water in all volumes, from 500ml to 5 Gallons.

Guest Lodge


The Guest Lodge serves both tourists passing through the Bulembu boarder gate, as well as teams and guests who come to visit the town.



Surrounded by timber plantations, the Bulembu Honey farm thrives, producing some of the nation's highest quality honey.



In a town of over 350 children, fresh bread is always needed. The Bulembu Bakery not only serves the needs of the children, but also sells into the local market.



Bringing vital nutrients to the table, the Bulembu Dairy provides the children and greater community fresh milk and Emasi (sour milk), a local  favorite.